The effect of growth stimulators and forecrop on raw material quality and yield of garden thyme (Thymus vulgaris L.)

A field experiment in growing garden thyme was carried out in Jaroszewice (the central Lublin region) in 2008–2010. Three growth biostimulators (Asahi SL, Bio-algeen S 90, and Tytanit) were used in the study. Plots with no foliar application of these growth stimulators established the control group. Carrot, faba bean, and spring wheat forecrops were the other experimental factors. The present study showed that the best quantitative parameters of thyme raw material were observed after the application of the growth simulators. The root forecrop (carrot) also had a beneficial effect on thyme yield. Thyme crop protection without the application of the growth simulators resulted in the deterioration of the biometric traits and yields of this crop. The treatment with no application of the growth simulators was the most beneficial for the chemical composition of thyme raw material.


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